Battery Management System

gsm modules

LABO is an advanced battery monitoring and diagnostic system designed by Micronics to meet the demands of today's traction and standby battery installations. Advanced in design the LABO does more than just record event information, it can measure and log important battery parameters 10 times per second and send it via USB to accompanying PC application program for further analysis and reporting.


High Data Recording Resolution

Powerful Graphics Engine

Compact Size

Intelligent Zoom Function

Low Power RSU Series
for distributed data logging

gsm modules

The Low Power RSU Series designed by Micronics is a cost effective, easily installable Wireless Data Logging System for new and retrofit installation. It is especially suited to Island Hybrid Power Generation Plants, sych as APS cabins.


24 Cell Lead Acid Battery V/I RSU monitor

Power Meter RSU

Single Phase AC Power RSU monitor

Dual Channel Temperature RSU monitor

Quad PV Array V/I RSU monitor

more products designed by Micronics are coming soon