about us

Micronics Limited is a Representative and Distributor for Electronic Componets. Since 1987 Micronics constantly invests in new products and technologies augmenting its line card which today includes: BI Technologies, Clare, Fe-Tronic, IC Nexus, IXYS Corporation, LINX, Optek, Quectel, SAMES, THAEWATRANS,Welwyn, Xiamen Zettler Elentronics & Magnetics China. In the last 20 years the company also diversed to product design and development. The design activity was mainly product development in the field of energy management and industrial measurement weight, temperature, energy. Micronics has been a key driver with many successfully commercialised locally manufactured products.
We provide standard high-quality products and design services. Due to our mixed activity in distribution and design services, our key competences stem from logistics to production coordination and marketing.


✔ competitve edge

Utilizing the technology superiority of selected / elite worldwide suppliers combined with our long experience in developing electronic devices and integrated solutions, we professionally and silently support our customers with ideas, suggestions and solutions which lead to price competitive and functionally superior products. This includes diligent services for our customers at alla design and production levels.

✔ differentiation

The rapid evolution and convergence of technologies make impossible the development of new and sustainable applications without the full support of the component manufacturer. Thus, we accomplished long-term manufacturing partnerships, ensuring the constantly availability of products and access to the knowledge base of the our partners.